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INTIMATE TALK Diversity & Inclusion in Quebec Television
Tribute to a pioneer of the Inclusion of Diversity on Television in Quebec and a legendary filmmaker: Jean-Claude Lord.
He will sit for an intimate talk on diversity on screen in Quebec and will be sharing his journey with the audience. He is best known for Les colombes, La grenouille et labaleine, Lance et Compte, Visiting Hours (starring William Shatner and Michael Ironside) and many others. However, for us at the Montreal Intl Black Film Festival, he is mostly known for being a big supporter of diversity; for casting black actors in lead roles in Lance et compte (1986); and for casting a black actress, Linda Malo, as the lead character in the crime and investigation TV series Jasmine (1996), it was historic in Quebec - at a time when «diversity» and «inclusion» were not very fashionable words.

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