The Creators

A film by  Laura Ganse

Born into separate areas of a formerly-segregated South Africa, artists recraft history and the impacts of apartheid in their own creative languages. The lens reveals the impulse behind the artists’ social consciousness, the individuals’ eccentricities, and each creator’s unique form of expression. Exploring the trend of subversive art that fuels South Africa’s many clashing and merging cultures, The Creators brings into focus the invisible connections among strangers' disparate lives. Can creative expression traverse the divide?

Saturday, September 29

Muhe Frida / Frida Women

Medium-Length and Short Films Documentary

The Creators

Documentary Feature and Medium-Lenght

Additional Info

  • Country: Afrique du Sud
  • Year: 2011
  • Duration: 83'
  • Language: Anglais, Sous-titrage Français, Autre
  • Actors:
  • Theme: Art / Poésie / Musique

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