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The MIBFF is pleased to co-present the Blaxploitation series, presented by the Fantasia festival this July 2014!

Beginning this summer, it will be associated with Fantasia to pay homage to African-American cinema from the 1970s known as BLAXPLOITATION. The MIBFF is happy to be a part of Fantasia’s initiative, which gives Montrealers the chance to discover an important part of black cinema. This homage, previously unseen in Montreal, will take place as a part of the Fantasia Festival from July 22 to August 5, 2014, as a part of Celluloid Soul.

Get all details on the Fantasia Festival’s website.


July 22nd at 7pm Cinematheque Quebecoise:
Nerves of steel, velvet gloves VF Bamboo Gods and Iron Men (Cesar Gallardo, 1974)

July 23rd at 7pm Cinematheque Quebecoise:
Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song (Melvin Van Pebbles, 1971)

July 27th at 7pm Cinematheque Quebecoise:
Darktown Strutters (William Witney, 1975)

July 28th at 7pm Cinematheque Quebecoise:
Tough (Horace Jackson, 1974)

July 29th at 7pm Cinematheque Quebecoise:
BOSS (Jack Arnold, 1975)

August 3rd at 9:30pm Theatre Hall Concordia:
DJ XL5’s Blaxploitation Zappin ‘Party


The festival is also happy to co-present the South African Film Four Corners, by Ian Gabriel (2014) on july 30th at 9:40 at Théâtre DB Clarke

Get all details on the Fantasia Festival’s website.