Biographical Note:

Our winner, Nicolas Salez, lives on Réunion Island. He has been navigating the world of graphic and visual arts for the past 10 years: video reporting, graphic design, street art and photography.

Two years ago, he created his own studio called NSH Studio from where he supports and advises companies, associations, communities and individuals in their communications efforts.

Explanation of poster:

A red film strip sweeps down from on high, swirls around the afro cut and descends on the Festival, just like the ribbon of inspiration that runs through every great idea and leads to this Festival. The scene elegantly plunges down into a black and silver world, a mirror image of the emerging black talents who are taking their rightful place.


I’m a big film buff! It’s a huge honour for me to illustrate this 11th edition of the Montreal International Black Film Festival. I’m proud to be part of this renowned Festival and to support the socioeconomic issues that it brings to the fore.

Music, pictorial art, shows and films have very often helped me to understand myself and others. If I can contribute to promoting this Festival, for me it will only be a way of giving back to the deserving artists and to everyone else involved in helping them express themselves!